Easy way to implement ev-roaming OCPI
in 1 month

- OCPI 2.2.1 Protocol implementation
- Supported all roles (CPO, eMSP, Hub)
- Ready integration Gireve, Hubject, e-clearing
- CPMS with big network
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Explore our OCPI solutions
OCPI Testing tool
If you want to independently develop your own roaming system, we can provide a module for testing. This will streamline your work, and you'll be able to approach partners with a thoroughly tested solution.
OCPI Adapter
The OCPI Adapter allows you to quickly implement roaming in your charging network, and within just 1 month, all your stations will be available to major roaming partners. Our module enables the implementation of all OCPI notations' roles.
CPMS SAAS Solution with OCPI
Charging station management system with smart charging features, a ready-made solution for roaming, and a white-label mobile application.
Consulting & Support
We will provide maximum consultation support for the quick integration of our module into your system.
Our CPMS-OCPI Benefits
  • Cost and Mitigation of Risks
    Opting for our solution results in cost and risk reduction compared to self-management. We take care of all updates, thereby reducing the workload for your team.
  • Simplified Implementation
    We are dedicated to streamlining the setup process, and our team will provide guidance to facilitate the seamless integration of our tools with your existing system.
  • Experience
    We offer dependable SaaS solutions backed by our collective 6 years of EV expertise, and a 10 years of integration experience. You can trust us for reliability and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Highload & Scalability
    Our system can manage substantial volumes of charging sessions, making it ready to scale in tandem with your business.
  • Be first in ev-Charging
    By keeping up with the latest roaming protocol versions and charging technologies, like OCPI 3.0 and Plug and Charge, we'll ensure you stay ahead of the game.
  • UP-Time 99.999%
    Our high-capacity servers guarantee uninterrupted operations 24/7, providing both you and your customers with peace of mind.
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Monthly price
  • Integration costs 2900$
  • Free consulting
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On-premise OCPI
Monthly price with support
  • You can resell solution
Integration costs 2900$
  • Free consulting
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Monthly per station
Managing chargepoints
White-label app
Payments integrations
Ready OCPI-Roaming
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Don’t listen to us,

here’s what our customers have to say ❤️

  • Robert Meh
    Founder of ElectronCharging
    These are the most communicative and experienced professionals I have ever dealt with. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to implement OCPI roaming into our system without much difficulty.
  • Gregory Fisher
    CEO of Green charge
    We have been in partnership with ev2Go for a long time, and we are delighted to share the market of the United States with them. They are development giants who have never shied away from complex challenges.
  • Jesika Bes
    PM from Mega Volts
    We, along with our internal team, spent several months implementing OCPI, but eventually, we found ev2Go, a company that not only took charge of charging station roaming but also fully manages our entire network.
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